Xuweiyi Chen

Ph.D. Student
University of Virginia
xuweic (at) umich.edu

About Me

I am an incoming Ph.D. at the University of Virginia advised by Prof. Zezhou Cheng. I do research in 3D Computer Vision and NLP. My research goal is to facilitate language agents that can perceive in 3D, interact with humans, and ultimately follow complicated instructions in the physical environment. Toward this goal, my current research focused on language grounding and robot motion planning in the 3D world.

Before joining UVA, I have completed master of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan. I was a member of SLED lab. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics Science at the University of Washington where I worked with Prof. Yunhe feng on Responsible AI.

Research Interests



  1. ALVR @ ACL 2024
    Xuweiyi Chen*, Ziqiao Ma*, Xuejun Zhang*, Sihan Xu, Shengyi Qian, Jianing Yang, David Fouhey, Joyce Y. Chai

  2. Under Review
    Jianing Yang*, Xuweiyi Chen*, Nikhil Madaan, Madhavan Iyengar, Shengyi Qian, David F. Fouhey, Joyce Chai

  3. ICRA
    Jianing Yang*, Xuweiyi Chen*, Shengyi Qian, Nikhil Madaan, Madhavan Iyengar, David F. Fouhey, Joyce Chai
    IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, 2024.

Conference Reviewers

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